I'm New


What is it like on Sundays?

Most of us dress casually, collar shirt and jeans style. We have coffee ready to go if you need some. Sunday School classes are conversational, with a primary teacher leading the lesson. The Worship Service is very simple; we sing songs similar to the theme of the passage being preached. The sermon is expository and, most of the time, book by book through the bible.

What about my kids on Sundays?

We have a nursery for kids through 3 years old. We believe in families worshiping together. We have coloring boxes with a "children's bulletin" and other coloring pages in them. There is a little more noise with the kids in the service; we love it that way. 

What about Wednesday's Services?

We have services Wednesdays during the school year only. We have a free meal at 6:00 pm, and services follow from 6:30-7:30 pm. Kids will sing songs, do crafts, and play some games to support and teach them the Gospel-Centered bible lessons they will be taught as well. 

Adults have a "Rabbit Trails" Class. This is an opportunity for us to talk about whatever comes up; we have discussed apologetics, how we got the bible, what the bible matters, difficult bible verses, theology, doctrines, and more. 

What about church membership?

We believe in intentional church membership. Twice a year or so, we have membership classes. They are three weeks long and take place during the Sunday school hour. We talk about who we are as a church, what you can expect as a church member, what the church expects from you, etc. 

After the membership class, if you are still interested in joining, we do membership interviews, normally over dinner at pastor Ben's house! Here you share your testimony, how the Lord saved you, ask any questions you have, and/or share any concerns. 

Lastly, at one of our quarterly member meetings, we will vote you in as a new member and help you plug in and serve! 

Who can I talk to if I have more questions? 

Email Pastor Ben at ben.fbcira@gmail.com; he will gladly answer any questions you have.