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Hosted by "10 of Those." We don't receive any kickbacks. However, "10 of Those" cares about theology, and Pastor Ben also gets to recommend books for Ira Baptist Church specifically. Click the picture below to go to it.

We are committed to helping one another follow Jesus Christ better. 

To do this, we have discipleship opportunities: 

Sunday School is a time of teaching and discussion that allows for questions and prayer to be had. 

Wednesday Rabbit Trails class is a time on Wednesday evenings during the school year when the kids are sent to their classes where adults sit down, and we chase the Rabbit Trails that come up when studying the bible. We have discussed denominations, end times, church history, various theologies, and more. Show up, ask questions, and learn how to learn. 

We have classes for kids on Sundays and Wednesdays. With proper training and vetting, teaching those classes is a helpful way to be disciplined. 

We encourage members to pray for and minister to one another.