Family Worship

Here is a short outline of Family Worship. Everyone, even singles and those without kids or kids at home, can and should do this!

Pray- specifically for the Lord to use His word on you and those with you.

Sing- pick a song and play it! Sing with it! Pick something that has some depth.

Read Scripture- and talk about it in three steps

·        Observe:

o  Summarize the passage.

·        Interpret:

o  What did this mean to those who are in the passage and those who first read it?

·        Application:

o  ONLY AFTER Observation and interpretation have been done should you ask, What does this mean to me?

·        Remember the Gospel

o  Exalt Jesus in your application.

Pray again- Thank God for His word.

Practical Helps:

·        Don’t be long.

o  5-15 minutes.

·        Ask questions and don’t be afraid to say, I don’t know.

o  Then do research and find out the answer.

·        Be natural.

o  Some days will be easier than others.

o  Keep your head up and be as consistent.

·        Tailor it to you and your family.

o  For young kids use a kids bible

§ Jesus Storybook Bible for example

o  Use a good bible translation

§ CSB for example.

·        Men should lead if possible.

o  Be the spiritual leaders of the family God has called you to be.

o  It’s ok to not be perfect, point everyone to Jesus!

If you have any questions or need help, please let me know.