Community Groups

Gospel Community is hard to find and easy to lose. Our community groups are intentional ways that we are working to form a Gospel Community. They are founded on the good news of Jesus Christ. So much of the community that we have with others is based upon secondary things (similar interests, sports, age, hobbies, etc.) Those things are not bad, but they also leave short what community can be.

Gospel Community is built upon the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ, nothing more nothing less. These groups are meant to gather and be places where the gospel is highlighted in relationships for encouragement, conviction, edification, accountability, and salvation.

These groups are us being intentional about not just getting Gospel doctrine right (though that is very important) but also living out the Gospel in our everyday lives.

Over time we hope and pray these Community Groups multiply and happen at different times, places, and days.

We are starting with One Community Group meeting on Sunday Nights at the Moore's house.

If you want more information contact Ben at or call (325)573-6277